Cloud Web-Based EDI Solutions, EDI software from Beacon EDI

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Cloud Web-Based EDI Solution

We've built a market-leading, user-friendly EDI system.

We have no bloated software or bulky hardware! Now you can breeze through purchase orders with clarity and process invoices and shipments easily, within a few clicks!

Turn Purchase Orders Into Invoices and Shipment Docs in Seconds
We have engineered our Web-Based EDI system in a way that you will be able to create invoices, shipment documents and other transactions with just a few clicks and minimum manual entry. Take advantages of features such as Auto-Complete, Default Values and user-defined templates. Here are a few examples for processing Invoices or Purchase Orders:

EDI Invoicing Easy as 1, 2, 3 –
  1. Pick the PO or POs that you want to ship

  2. Update quantities and terms as needed

  3. Click "Submit Invoice" and wait for payment!

Advanced Ship Notice Easy as 1, 2, 3 -
  1. Pick the PO or POs that you want to ship

  2. Update Quantities as needed and select packaging structure (e.g. standard pack vs pick and pack)

  3. Print GS1-128 labels to accompany your shipment.

Track your shipments, payments and orders:

  • Paid

  • Acknowledged

  • Shipped

  • Changed

Access To Data In Your Favorite Programs:

  • Export files to Excel

  • Download PDF Reports

  • View raw data of the EDI transactions

Email Alerts:

  • Receive emails when new transactions arrive (e.g. a new Purchase Order arrived)

  • Receive emails for outstanding 997 Acknowledgements

  • Receive emails for critical business exceptions errors