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Industry Knowledge

Industry Knowledge is our best feature. We are a team of passionate EDI professionals who have held positions in leadership EDI roles which include: 1000+ store-chain retailers, Fortune 500 suppliers of industry’s largest retailers, manufacturers and healthcare organizations. Our engineers have pre-packaged Beacon Web-EDI System with requirements of over 400 of your customers or trading partners. This gives us the ability to make you EDI Capable in minutes.
Versatile Industry List

  • Suppliers of Retailers – Retail is our strongest knowledge area. Our customers supply over 400 of the world’s largest retailers. Beacon EDI founders were EDI Leaders at national retail chains and have also worked with hundreds of suppliers to the retail industry. Our solution comes pre-packaged with established connectivity and compliance requirements. These are just some of the sample transactions we provide for retail EDI 850 Purchase Order, 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement, 860 Change Order, 856 Advanced Ship Notices, 810 Invoice and 852 Product Activity Reports. Our retail suppliers range from Pet products, to apparel, electronics and dozens of other categories.

  • Suppliers of Retailers Grocery – The Grocery industry was one of the pioneers of standardizing EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for the retail industry. Here are some of the transactions that Beacon EDI supports for the Grocery industry 875 Grocery Products Purchase Order, 876 Grocery Products Purchase Order Change, 880 Grocery Products Invoice.

  • Multiple Fulfillment Options - Ship-to-Distribution Centers, Ship-to-Store, or generate Cross-Dock purchase and store floor-ready shipments as well.

  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Drop-Ship Processing – VMI and Drop-Shipping are more and more common these days. Frequently these business processes require the use of 3PL – Third Party Logistics Providers. Here are some of the EDI Transactions that we support for 3PL, VMI and Drop Ship Processing: 870 Order Status Report, 846 Inventory Inquiry/Advice, 940 Warehouse Shipping Order, 943 Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice, 944 Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice, 945 Warehouse Shipping Advice.

  • Automotive Industry – Beacon provides an excellent EDI solution to automotive parts suppliers to automotive manufacturers like Ford and GM. We have ready-to-go Web-Based EDI transactions setup for your 830 Planning Schedules, 856 Advanced Ship Notices, 861 Receiving Advices, 862 Just-In-Time (JIT) shipping schedule

  • Transportation– Beacon has a versatile list of Transportation-industry customers. The 110 Air Freight Details and Invoice (aka Small Package Invoice) can be used by any organization that ships via FedEx, UPS or DHL. This is the most popular transportation related EDI transaction. Here are some more EDI transactions for the transportation industry:

    • Motor Freight EDI Transactions - Our motor-freight carriers including LTL (Less-Than-Trailer load) use our web-based EDI solution to exchange transactions such as 204 Motor Carrier Load Tender, 204 Motor Carrier Load Tender,210 Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice,211 Motor Carrier Bill of Lading,212 Motor Carrier Delivery Trailer Manifest, 213 Motor Carrier Shipment Status Inquiry, 214 Transportation Carrier Ship Status Message, 240 Motor Carrier Package Status.

    • Rail Freight EDI Transactions – What’s unique about Rail-Freight EDI transaction is that all the railroads (e.g. Union-Pacific, CSX, BNSF Railway, Canadian National, Northwestern, etc) use the same EDI industry spec. These are some of the EDI transactions that Beacon EDI supports: 404 Rail Carrier Shipment Information, 410 Rail Carrier Freight Details and Invoice, 414 Rail Car hire Settlements, 417 Rail Carrier Waybill Interchange, 425 Rail Waybill Request.

    • Ocean Freight EDI Transactions – Beacon has several network terminal and ocean freight carriers as customers. These are some of the transactions that we provide to our Ocean Freight customers: 315 Status Details (Ocean), 322 Ocean Terminal Operations, 323 Vessel Schedule and Itinerary.

  • Banking/Financial – Beacon has provided reduction in error rates and improvement in productivity for its customers in any industry by utilizing banking EDI transactions to reconcile incoming payments. We have found creative ways for accounts receivable departments to match incoming payments to outstanding invoices. Here are some of the banking EDI transactions that we provide today: 810 Invoice, 811 Consolidated Service Invoice/Statement, 812 Credit/Debit Adjustment, 820 Payment Order/Remittance Advice 821 Financial Information Reporting,  823 Lockbox,  827 Financial Return Notice.

  • Dozens of other industries – While our focus is mainly on supply-chain, In addition to the industries listed above, Beacon has clients in various other industries including but not limited to: Healthcare HIPAA EDI and Government.
    Versatile Standard Committee Support

EDI Industry Standard Organizations

  • ANSI X12 – There are over 300 transactions in this North American standard and Beacon’s Web-Based Cloud EDI solution supports most of these transactions.

  • UN/EDIFACT - There are over 120 transactions in the UN/EDIFACT Standards and Beacon’s Web-Based Cloud EDI solution supports most of these transactions. Our customers doing business in Europe, Asia and South America are using this standard

  • Tradacoms - There are 26 transactions (known as files) in this U.K. standard and some of our customers in Great Britain are using these transactions.

Voluntary Industry Standard Support

  • VICS – VICS (Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Solutions Association) is the most popular voluntary committee for supply-chain EDI. Most of Beacon EDI’s customers are in the VICS category.

  • UCS - UCS, the Uniform Communication Standard, is used by the grocery industry for various standards including EDI transaction such as the 880 Grocery Product Invoice.

  • WEDI – Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange is a key player in Healthcare related HIPAA EDI.